We are mid Armageddon


It's a new state of affairs for all of us and we are not quite sure where to go from here. 

 How can we make sure our business picks up where we left off and hopefully doubles in bookings to make sure we have sufficient profit coming in to cover the months we had to rely on savings? 

 These are unprecedented times, so what would potential clients be looking for in the services on offer when things get back to normal?

 I for once spent the last two months in sports attire. Not because I am an athlete, but because it's comfortable. Also, I genuinely planned on working out every one of those days. This proved harder than I thought, not because I haven't got the time. Not even because I have a child who needs constant attention, but because I just don't feel like it.

 There is no reason to do your hair, unless you have a zoom conference call. There is no reason to put make up on and dress up. We are in a constant state of "waiting". It reminds me of the whacky book by Samuel Beckett, "Waiting for Godot". We are waiting, with no end in sight, not sure of the outcome ahead, in a time limbo. It's scary, it's draining,the motivation to make an effort is evaporating with every breath.

 But before all this happened, I enjoyed dressing up, looking great. I miss this aspect of life, as much as work or meeting up for a casual coffee with friends. I need that as a part of normality. To feel attractive, beautiful, special. Those are not the "essential ingredients" of life as such, but what is life without them?


(Brooklyn Dress Old Pink) 

My aim at work was always to make all my clients feel unique, but I am not quite sure I fully understood what that meant till now.

 I always had make up artist available for maternity sessions, we have a hair studio next door, for clients who want that extra bit of pampering, to feel more confident, but the biggest thing that made the difference in the session and made me stand out in an ocean of competitors were the gowns.

Sumptuous, extravagant, beautiful gowns. In every colour, because not every client wants timeless whites and blacks. We are all different, and this is always taken into consideration during their consultation.

 I want to make sure all my clients know that after this stagnation of time is over, they will come out of the cave and I will be there to make them feel beautiful. I want to genuinely make all of my clients feel more special than ever, put them on the pedestal they had to temporarily abandon for the greater good, and I'll make them feel like the confident and feminine goddesses that they are.

We have the power to make their memories more magical and special. It's our job to offer the best service and the best products, because our clients deserve it. They chose us to capture those memories for them.

Let's give them more than they imagined, as a thank you.