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Silky Scarf Azur (4 meter)

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    Wear it during your next photoshoot and pair it with your favorite Mii-Estilo maternity dressstudio itemsbodysuits or beauty items. Choose for a Tie Top to give that extra spark to your photographs with this marvelous accessory!

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    Silky Scarf Azur (4 meter) -
    Silky Scarf Azur (4 meter) -
    A pregnant woman is wrapped in a piece of fabric. The scarf is from a silky material in the colour azur
    A pregnant model is wearing a scarf. It has a lot of fabric and is in the color azur. The scarf has a silky look. She is wearing a golden necklace. The scarf is covering her up and a part of the fabric is being tossed to the front.
    A pregnant woman with blonde short hair. She is holding a scarf in the color azur in front of her
    A pregnant woman is wrapped in a silky scarf. The scarf is in the colour azur. She has brown short hair and looking towards the camera
    A maternity photo of a pregnant woman that is wearing a scarf as a dress. The piece at the end of the scarf is thrown to create a wave effect
    A pregnant model is wearing an azur scarf as a cape. She  has one hand on her belly and is looking away
    Silky Scarf Azur (4 meter) -
    Silky Scarf Azur (4 meter) -

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