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White maternity dresses

Mii-Estilo is a webshop with a big range of maternity dresses for photoshoots. Our pregnancy photoshoot dresses are all handmade. We carefully select all the fabric used to each dress and have a big variety of colors and types of fabric. Do you have a photoshoot anytime soon? Buy our ready to ship dresses!

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1 Item(s)

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Are you getting married and currently pregnant? Then you can find at Mii-Estilo the most unique wedding dress to fit your lovely bump. We have the most beautiful white maternity dresses for you to get married in. If you love white maternity gowns, you can choose your own fabric. We have available at the shop different fabrics in white: if you love lace - you can choose our gorgeous Spirea Dress in white. But if you more of a jersey lover - you can choose the stunning Clover Dress in white for your wedding day. Options are not a problem at Mii-Estilo: we have plenty!

White maternity dresses for photo shoots

Our white maternity dresses are carefully designed so that you can look as beautiful as possible. This makes them a great asset for a maternity photo shoot. With our white gowns you can create different looks so the photo shoot can be tailored to your personal preferences. Our maternity dresses are favored by many photographers for different reasons: the endless customization options and good quality among those.

White Maxi Maternity Dress

If you are searching for a maternity white dress, we can totally help you with. We have almost all of the dresses from our collection in white or in off white. So if you really like the Tule Set, for example, you can order it in white and in off white as well. You can also choose between our white lace maternity maxi dresses and white flowy maternity dress.

White Maternity Dress for Baby Shower

Don’t you know if you are having a boy or a girl? Yes, keeping as a surprise is also really cool! And are you having a baby shower soon and really don’t know what to wear? Why don’t you choose a white maternity dress for a baby shower from our store? We have the perfect handmade dress for your baby shower. We have a wide white maternity maxi dresses collection for you - and if you like off white more, you can also choose for an off white maternity maxi dress.