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Nerine Maternity Dress

Nerine Maternity Dress

The stunning mermaid style Nerine Maternity Dress is a must have for any maternity wardrobe!

Accentuated with a boat neck overlay and long sleeves and a lace lined knit bodice that perfectly aligns to the shape and contours of your body. The Nerine spreads out at the knee into a mermaid style skirt with tiers of soft chiffon panels for an elegant look and feel.

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  • https://mii-estilo.r.worldssl.net/media/custom_option_swatch/39/100x100/navy1-jpg
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With the handmade Nerine Maternity Dress you are ready for every kind of maternity photoshoot. The dress is handmade in the Netherlands and, therefore, can be customized to your needs and preferences. Due to the usage of solely premium materials (Jersey (96% Viscose l 4% E.A.) Lace (90% Polyamide l 10% E.A.) Jersey (96% Viscose l 4% E.A.) and Lace (90% Polyamide l 10% E.A.)) the dress is of superior quality, too. On top of that, the Nerine Maternity Dress is available in many colors, which will all make your maternity photoshoot unforgettable. Get your handmade Nerine Maternity Dress quickly. Prices are starting at $142.70. Looking for another maternity photoshoot dress or maternity photoshoot gown? Make sure to have a look at our full collection, you will always find the right type of dress.


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