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Privacy Statement

When does our privacy statement apply?
Our privacy statement applies to all processing of personal data of our (potential) customers and users of our shop. By personal data we mean information that can be traced directly or indirectly to an individual, without the name of that individual having to be known. Think of customer number, address, place of residence, e-mail address, telephone number, cookie IDs and financial data.

After this, all personal data and other data are also collectively referred to as data.

We think it is important that our services are reliable and transparent. We therefore discreetly and carefully handle your personal data and we ensure that every processing of your data complies with applicable laws and regulations. It is possible that we change our privacy statement if new developments demand it. You can always download the latest version on this page to stay informed of changes.

Who processes your data and who protects them?
Mii-Estilo is responsible for the processing of your data. This means that Mii-Estilo determines how and which data is processed, for what purposes and for how long. We do not process your data without reason and only if we need it for one or more specific purposes. We will never sell your details to third parties.

Which data do we process and what do we use them for?
Visiting and using the shop (general)
When you visit our shop, we process data from you. Think of your IP address, but also of your click and purchase behavior, so that we can be of more personal and relevant service to you. With the help of cookies we can see, among other things, which parts of the website you have viewed.

Create and manage account
It is possible to create a Mii-Estilo account on our website. Then you can log in to your account and manage it. For the creation of a Mii-Estilo account and the use of your account, we process necessary data from you.

Create your account
We process your first name, initial(s), last name, e-mail address, address and password.

Use of your account
If you actively use your account, we may also store other data in addition to your personal information. This depends on how you use our shop. Think of:
- Order data
- Order numbers / order numbers
- Details of your orders, such as number of orders, amounts, (type) items, article numbers, quantity, color and price
- Delivery dates and times
- Delivery costs
- Overview of payments
- Email preference
- Your payment preferences
- Your delivery preferences

Buying and delivery of items
The items you buy in our shop can be delivered at your home. When ordering, we process various data, such as your chosen payment method and data to track your order. As a result of your purchases we can send you offers and information via e-mail for example.

From the moment you order items in our shop and have them delivered at home, we process the following data:

- What you order (including quantity, type of items, VAT and delivery costs)
- Transaction details (payment method, your account number and payment details)
- Delivery method
- Name, address, place of residence, delivery date and time if possible
- Details to track your order
- Any discount codes that you have redeemed at the checkout
- Any instructions you give us for delivery
- Other account details if necessary
- Information about the acceptance of your order

If you order items from Mii-Estilo you enter into a purchase agreement with us. The General Terms and Conditions of Mii-Estilo apply to every offer and purchase agreement.

Questions, complaints, repairs and guarantees
If you ask a question or submit a complaint about an item, submit a request for repair, claim your warranty or contact the customer service for any other reason, it is necessary to process and store certain data.

In order to be of service to you, we include your question, complaint or request for repair in our customer service database. Depending on the question, complaint, repair or the guarantee you use, we process your name, address, place of residence, e-mail address, customer number and / or telephone number. We also process data about your orders; this in connection with guarantees. We keep information of questions / complaints about orders and invoices as long as orders and invoice data, namely 7 years. Sometimes we have to keep data longer, for example when your complaint leads to a procedure.

If you have created an account and purchased one or more articles, we can then contact you for marketing purposes. We do this through various expressions and channels.

Social media
If you communicate via social media with Mii-Estilo, for example if you post comments, upload media, send a message, share an article from our website or click on a like button, we can enter data such as your (user) name, place of residence, e -mail address and receive gender.

Sometimes we can link your social media activities to ours. For example, if you publicly share your own photo of an article that you have purchased from Mii-Estilo and tag Mii-Estilo in it via your social media accounts (Facebook via https://www.facebook.com/Miiestilo1/ and Instagram via # miiestilo), then we can place that photo on our accounts. We do not do this automatically, because we first make a selection of photos. When we share your post, we always mention your account name: the photo is not ours. Do you want us to delete your photo? Send us a private message via our accounts. We will respond to this as soon as possible.
The use of social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter or YouTube does not apply to our terms and conditions and privacy statement, but to the conditions, privacy and cookie statement and other statements of the relevant social media. We advise you to read them carefully if you have questions about this.

Special actions
At Mii-Estilo you can regularly participate in special promotions, such as contests, campaigns, competitions, etc. Sometimes we ask you to fill in a form online to be able to participate. By doing this you will conclude an agreement with us.

We need your name, address, city, telephone number and e-mail address to confirm your participation and to be able to send awarded prizes and benefits to you. Furthermore, we process your acceptance of our terms and conditions (you must always accept this if you take part in a special promotion) and details about your participation. Think of entries, etc. depending on the action. How long the specific retention period is, we communicate per action.

You can leave a review in our shop. Sometimes we ask for this after you have bought an item from us. You can opt out of future messages in these mails. The review you place is visible to others. You choose which name / nickname we show with your review.

Based on your review, we can determine whether an item meets your expectations. If this is not the case, we can take appropriate measures and possibly remove the item from our assortment. We may contact you in response to your review. We only do this if you have previously submitted your contact details to us.

Because you yourself agree with the placement of your review, we process the title of your review and your appreciation for an article (1 to 5 stars). We also process your username, e-mail address, place of residence and your agreement on the conditions.

What data do third parties process from you?
We receive help from third parties to carry out services, deliver articles and other activities. Insofar as these third parties process your data on behalf of Mii-Estilo, they do so as processors. All agreements about, among other things, security, confidentiality and your rights are included in the processing agreements that we have concluded with these third parties.

We work with third parties who help us with the following services:

- Logistic and operational purposes: think of mail processors, package deliverers and parties that help us with sending e-mails.
- Marketing services for personalizing our shop and displaying relevant offers and advertisements on our website / in our app and third party websites / apps. We use software for this, such as Google Adwords and Google Doubleclick.
- Analysis services for analyzing data about your visit to and use of our shop. We use software for this, such as Google Analytics.
- IT services for maintenance and management of our systems and storage of data.
- Facilitate special actions (savings campaigns, contests, campaigns, competitions and / or promotional games of chance).
- Conducting customer satisfaction surveys.
- Collaboration with supervisors, tax authorities and investigative authorities, such as the police and the public prosecution service. Only when we are legally obliged do we provide data to these parties.

How do we secure your data?
Your privacy is important, so we take the security of your data very seriously. We have taken various measures to ensure that your data is and remains safe. In the security of your data, we take into account the possible processing risks of your data: for example when they are lost or used unlawfully. Below we outline a number of our security measures for you.

- We ensure that your account is secure and that no one can log in from outside or inside and can access your data. Among other things, your password is stored encrypted with us.
- We regularly provide our website and app with automatic security scans.
- Communication via the website, e-mail or app takes place in an encrypted and secure manner.
- We continuously monitor whether (secretive) break-in attempts are being made. We repair vulnerabilities and take measures upon burglary.
- We use the latest technologies and software.
- We have many systems that communicate with each other. We ensure that we send data securely and controlled from one system to another.
- We protect our systems against malware, viruses, cryptoware and hacking software.
- Only Mii-Estilo employees who need access to your data in order to do their work can access your data.
- We log attempts to break in and use your data by our employees so that we can keep track of what is happening.
- Third parties who need access to your data are required to take appropriate technical and organizational security measures and to oblige their employees to observe secrecy.

Security incident / data leak
When there is a security incident, think of theft of a laptop or a hack in our systems, we respond directly to this. We investigate whether it concerns a vulnerability (vulnerability in our security) or a data breach (loss or unlawful processing of your data). We will close security and data leaks as quickly as possible. In the case of a data breach, we will enter the Dutch Data Protection Authority within 72 hours, unless it is unlikely that the data breach will pose a risk to your privacy. Is it a data breach with a high risk for your privacy (for example if a lot of sensitive data has leaked)? Then we are obliged to report the leak to you. Have you found a security incident or data breach at Mii-Estilo, please send an e-mail to info@mii-estilo.com.

How long do we keep your data?
In general, we do not store your data for longer than is necessary for the purpose for which we have collected your data. We then delete or anonymize this information. Anonymisation means that we ensure that data can no longer be traced back to you. Sometimes we still need certain data for another purpose. If that is the case, we have a basis for this and we will ensure that these data are only accessible for that purpose. Then of course we will still anonymize or delete your data.

5 years
This storage period applies to complaints that you submit. We count from the day on which we handle the complaint.

7 years
This retention period applies to the following categories:

- Obligation to keep accounting and administration
- Tax documentation and reports of deliveries of goods, imported and exported goods and other relevant data
- Billing summary / invoices
- Orders, proof of delivery of orders
- All purchasing reports for goods, import and export

What rights do you have as a customer?
As a customer you have certain rights when it comes to the processing of your data by Mii-Estilo. In My Mii-Estilo account you can arrange most yourself. You can view, change or download your data. You can also submit your preferences here, such as whether or not to receive e-mails about our articles and/or offers. But you also have the right to data removal and the right to transfer your data. Below we list your rights.

Right to information
We are obliged to inform you about who we are, what data we process about you, how long we store data and for what purposes, on what basis we do this and to whom we provide your data. You will find all this information in our privacy statement.

Right of inspection
You have the right to see whether Mii-Estilo processes data from you, and if so, what data, what the purposes of the processing are, to which parties your data are provided, how long this data is stored and what the origin is of your data (if you have not supplied it yourself). You do not have to give a reason for viewing this information.

Right to rectification
You can change a lot of data yourself in the Mii-Estilo account. Do we have incomplete or incorrect information about you that you can not adjust yourself? Send an additional statement or letter to Mii-Estilo.

Right to delete data / right to be forgotten
You can submit a request to delete your data. We are then obliged to delete your data without unreasonable delay. We can not or may not always delete all your data. Sometimes, for example, the processing is still necessary for compliance with legal obligations.

Right to restriction of processing
You have the right to limit the processing of your data in the following cases:

- You do not agree with the accuracy of the data
- The processing is unlawful and you want the use of your data to be limited
- You need your data to substantiate a claim

Right to transfer your data
You can submit a request to receive your data. We will then bundle the data that we have from you and which you have supplied yourself. You can then save this data for personal use.

Right of objection
As a customer you have the right to object to the processing of your data. For example, you can object to processing your data for direct marketing.

Do we use cookies?
Yes, we use different types of cookies and similar techniques. These are among other things necessary for our shop to work well and to make it more user-friendly for you. Don't you want cookies? You can always delete cookies yourself. Good to know: if you turn off cookies, our shop may not work as well.