A woman with dark brown hair is posing in a long brown dress. The dress that she is wearing is made out of a light fabric and is a little bit sheer. The dress has long sleeves and a split by the leg.
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Fleurel Maternity Dress - Espresso


This item is made to order. Processing time 1-2 weeks.

Another one for the Yoli-lovers. The new Fleurel Gown is a brand new design carefully handmade to be an astonishing addition in your Mii-Estilo collection. A long dress with a circle skirt that is made only with our chiffon (yes, it is a bit transparent). The appealing circle skirt has a dazzling split on the side. The neckline is very chic with ruffled poet sleeves. 

The gown is made in one size only. 


How stretchy is this dress? ★

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