brunette pregnant model poses nearby cherry trees wearing a long dress in pink color. the dress is made of jersey and features chiffon cape sleeves.
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Senna Maternity Dress Old Pink CLEARANCE SALE


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A stunning maternity photo shoot dress. One of our best sellers. The dress is special, it is on shoulder made of jersey, the sleeves and train are 1 and fall partly over the shoulder, the special thing about this dress is that the train is at the neck and you can wear it over the arms or behind the arms. The skirt is tight to the hip and runs out, so the shapes come out nicely. This dress is often chosen when the model has a larger size. The train of the dress is made of chiffon.


How stretchy is this dress? ★★★

Photographers usually buy size M/L

Not a photographer? order the size you wore before your pregnancy.