SET: Mommy & Mii - Boho Florence Sand -
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SET: Mommy & Mii - Boho Florence Sand

Size Mommy Dress
Size Girls Dress

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Your favorite Mommy Dress bundled with the cutest girls dress, all made of Brocant lace.

Boho Florence:

This dress is also perfect as non maternity, made of broderie lace, the top has a V neckline, the sleeves are long and flared.The skirt is a full circle skirt with a slit. The dress is little bit sheer and has stretch.

How stretchy is this dress? ★★★

Photographers usually buy size M/L

Camellia Girls Dress : 

Great for a boho photo shoot, together with mum and both in the same kind of dress. The dress has just like the mothers dresses on shoulder, and long flared sleeve, the skirt is a circle skirt. It is broderie lace and can shine through a little.

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