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Silky Scarf Cherry (4 meter )

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    Wear it during your next photoshoot and pair it with your favorite Mii-Estilo maternity dressstudio itemsbodysuits or beauty items. Choose for a Tie Top to give that extra spark to your photographs with this marvelous accessory!

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    A mother is holding her baby boy. The woman is wearing a dress that is made out of scarf fabric. The color is cherry and the fabric is silky for a shimmer effect. The dress is being tossed around her for a big effect.
    Silky Scarf Cherry (4 meter) -
    A pregnant model is being covered up with a scarf. She is holding the fabric. The rest of the fabric is waving next to her for a nice effect. The fabric is silk and the color is cherry.
    Silky Scarf Cherry (4 meter ) -
    Silky Scarf Cherry (4 meter ) -
    A pregnant model is standing in a studio. she is holding the silky scarf cherry in front of her. One leg is out. The rest of the fabric is laying next to her.
    Silky Scarf Cherry (4 meter) -
    A pregnant woman is wearing a silky scarf cherry as a dress. The dress is floating around her for a big effect. She is wearing a big necklace with lots of color. The necklace has lots of layers.
    A pregnant woman is in a photography studio. She is wearing a silky scarf cherry as a dress. She is posing with her hands around her belly and has her eyes closed. The fabric behind her is being trowed in the air and is slowly falling down. The woman has a big headpiece with lots of flowers on in in her hair.
    A pregnant woman is wearing a silky scarf cherry around her. She has both her hands around her belly. The fabric at the side of her is tossed in the air.
    A pregnant model is wearing a silky scarf cherry. The scarf is tied into a two piece set of a crop top and a skirt. She is wearing a golden hairband on her head.
    Silky Scarf Cherry (4 meter ) -
    A model with blonde hair is posing with her baby boy. They are both wrapped in the same piece of fabric. The fabric is silky and in the color cherry.
    A pregnant woman is posing in a studio. the windmachine is blowing the scarf around the model. She is wearing the silky scarf cherry. The fabric has a wave effect because of the wind.
    A pregnant model is posing for the camera. They have wrapped the silky scarf around her. Her leg is sticking out of the fabric. The fabric is being tossed in the air.

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