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Spirea Maternity Dress

Spirea Maternity Dress

The stunning Spirea Maternity Dress is definitely our bestseller maternity gown. A model with a slim fit jersey gown underneath.

It is perfectly form fitting to show off your curves, yet long enough to spread out around your feet. Stunning delicate lace fabric with stretch.

This gown comes with our standard length train. It is absolutely stunning, with multiple looks in one, you can't go wrong!

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  • https://mii-estilo.r.worldssl.net/media/custom_option_swatch/72/100x100/azur-jpg
  • https://mii-estilo.r.worldssl.net/media/custom_option_swatch/23/100x100/bordeaux1-jpg
  • https://mii-estilo.r.worldssl.net/media/custom_option_swatch/31/100x100/khaki1-jpg
  • https://mii-estilo.r.worldssl.net/media/custom_option_swatch/38/100x100/mustard1-jpg
  • https://mii-estilo.r.worldssl.net/media/custom_option_swatch/42/100x100/olive1-jpg
  • https://mii-estilo.r.worldssl.net/media/custom_option_swatch/48/100x100/red1-jpg
  • https://mii-estilo.r.worldssl.net/media/custom_option_swatch/64/100x100/rust-orange1-jpg
  • https://mii-estilo.r.worldssl.net/media/custom_option_swatch/51/100x100/sand1-jpg
  • https://mii-estilo.r.worldssl.net/media/custom_option_swatch/21/100x100/black1-jpg
  • https://mii-estilo.r.worldssl.net/media/custom_option_swatch/25/100x100/cool-grey1-jpg
  • https://mii-estilo.r.worldssl.net/media/custom_option_swatch/40/100x100/off-white1-jpg
  • https://mii-estilo.r.worldssl.net/media/custom_option_swatch/54/100x100/white1-jpg
  • https://mii-estilo.r.worldssl.net/media/custom_option_swatch/45/100x100/petrol1-jpg
  • https://mii-estilo.r.worldssl.net/media/custom_option_swatch/39/100x100/navy1-jpg
  • https://mii-estilo.r.worldssl.net/media/custom_option_swatch/49/100x100/royal1-jpg
  • https://mii-estilo.r.worldssl.net/media/custom_option_swatch/33/100x100/light-blue1-jpg
  • https://mii-estilo.r.worldssl.net/media/custom_option_swatch/26/100x100/darkgreen1-jpg
  • https://mii-estilo.r.worldssl.net/media/custom_option_swatch/53/100x100/turquoise-test-jpg
  • https://mii-estilo.r.worldssl.net/media/custom_option_swatch/47/100x100/purple1-jpg
  • https://mii-estilo.r.worldssl.net/media/custom_option_swatch/32/100x100/lavender1-jpg
  • https://mii-estilo.r.worldssl.net/media/custom_option_swatch/30/100x100/ficshia1-jpg
  • https://mii-estilo.r.worldssl.net/media/custom_option_swatch/41/100x100/old-pink1-jpg
  • https://mii-estilo.r.worldssl.net/media/custom_option_swatch/28/100x100/dusty-pink1-jpg

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  • https://mii-estilo.r.worldssl.net/media/custom_option_swatch/15/100x100/vallendmouw-jpg
  • https://mii-estilo.r.worldssl.net/media/custom_option_swatch/14/100x100/vallendemouwensw1-jpg
  • https://mii-estilo.r.worldssl.net/media/custom_option_swatch/3/100x100/vandeschoulderlangemouw-jpg
  • https://mii-estilo.r.worldssl.net/media/custom_option_swatch/2/100x100/vandeschoulderlangemouw1-jpg
  • https://mii-estilo.r.worldssl.net/media/custom_option_swatch/87/100x100/vandeschoulderlangemouw2-jpg
  • https://mii-estilo.r.worldssl.net/media/custom_option_swatch/5/100x100/kortemouwvandeschouder-jpg
  • https://mii-estilo.r.worldssl.net/media/custom_option_swatch/4/100x100/vandeschouderkortemouw1-jpg
  • https://mii-estilo.r.worldssl.net/media/custom_option_swatch/66/100x100/vandeschouderkortemouw2-jpg
  • https://mii-estilo.r.worldssl.net/media/custom_option_swatch/9/100x100/opdeschouderlangemouw-jpg
  • https://mii-estilo.r.worldssl.net/media/custom_option_swatch/8/100x100/opdeschoulderlangemouw1-jpg
  • https://mii-estilo.r.worldssl.net/media/custom_option_swatch/68/100x100/opdeschouderlangemouw2-jpg
  • https://mii-estilo.r.worldssl.net/media/custom_option_swatch/93/100x100/opdeschouderkortemouw-jpg
  • https://mii-estilo.r.worldssl.net/media/custom_option_swatch/97/100x100/opdeschouderkortemouw1-jpg
  • https://mii-estilo.r.worldssl.net/media/custom_option_swatch/69/100x100/opdeschouderkortemouw2-jpg
  • https://mii-estilo.r.worldssl.net/media/custom_option_swatch/91/100x100/rufflemetmouwen-jpg
  • https://mii-estilo.r.worldssl.net/media/custom_option_swatch/92/100x100/ruffletopzonder-jpg
  • https://mii-estilo.r.worldssl.net/media/custom_option_swatch/13/100x100/bandeaustrapless-jpg
  • https://mii-estilo.r.worldssl.net/media/custom_option_swatch/12/100x100/bandeau1-jpg
  • https://mii-estilo.r.worldssl.net/media/custom_option_swatch/71/100x100/bandeau2-jpg
  • https://mii-estilo.r.worldssl.net/media/custom_option_swatch/16/100x100/opdeschouder-jpg
  • https://mii-estilo.r.worldssl.net/media/custom_option_swatch/70/100x100/opdeschouder2-jpg

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The stunning Spirea Maternity Dress is definitely our bestseller maternity gown. A model with a slim fit jersey gown underneath. It is perfectly form fitting to show off your curves, yet long enough to spread out around your feet. Stunning delicate lace fabric with stretch. This gown comes with our standard length train. It is absolutely stunning, with multiple looks in one, you can't go wrong! The colors on the photo's are Khaki (mainphoto)


Customer Reviews (7)

Stunning Dress - My favouriteReview by Clare Wilson
All my mums to be LOVE this dress, I use it almost every session. My medium size dress can fit a wide range of body shapes and is nice and stretchy - the lace overlay fits the female form beautifully. I Purchased it in Mustard with off the shoulder long sleeves, and its simply gorgeous. So well made, you can tell the quality and the mums notice as well, it makes them feel super special. (Posted on 2/27/2019)
Made with Love Review by Kimberley van de Weerd
Ingrid en haar team staan voor perfectie. Alles tot in de laatste details perfect afgewerkt.. en nog een mega snelle service ook! Dit is 1 van de paar jurken die ik reeds gekocht heb bij Mii-Estilo, vind ze prachtig! Had deze zelf ook aan tijdens mijn zwangerschaps fotoshoot.. Hij zit heel mooi rondom de buik/romp en loopt mooi uit beneden.. Ik ben er echt heel blij mee.. En er gaan nog een hoop jurken komen :-) je raakt er bijna verslaafd aan. Ze laten de mooie rondingen van een zwangere vrouw prachtig tot zijn recht komen, een sprookje! En naast het feit dat ze continue mooie (nieuwe) jurken afleveren, hebben ze ook een top customer service! (Posted on 1/16/2019)
Marvelous dress! Love it!Review by Lea van 't Slot
Love this dress, I Bought the off shoulder long sleeves, sweetheart in the colour Azur.
My clients love it, its perfect for the studio, and on location. I live next to the beach, perfect fot maternity shoots! Kind regards Lea van 't Slot from the Netherlands.
(Posted on 1/13/2019)
Robe parfaite Review by Marion Doumont
La spirea a été une de mes premières robes achetées chez Mii Estilo, et c’est la plus demandée auprès de mes futures mamans ???????? Elle épouse parfaitement les courbes et met vraiment en valeur celles ci. (Posted on 1/11/2019)
Beautiful dress!Review by Lisa-Marie Chandler
The dress is beautiful! Easily one of the most wonderful dresses they’ve made! (Posted on 1/11/2019)
Love this dressReview by Esther Geuns
This is my first dress I bought. I chose the azur colour with offshoulder longsleeves and my clients really love it. Used it in my studio as well as on location.
The dress is made from beautiful lace and fits gorgeous. I'm definitely going to by more dresses ???? (Posted on 1/10/2019)
Love it! Review by Lizzette Barona
This dress I bought in the mustard and this was the most popular dress for each client and it was my first mustard color in my collection and I am so happy I purchased <3

Ig: lizz.photography (Posted on 1/10/2019)

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