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Mii Estilo's founder Ingrid Roessen is the original designer of breathtaking throwing silhouettes in international women's portraiture with world's first maternity gowns and dresses for fine art styles .

Ingrid - Mii Estilo

About Us

Handmade in the Netherlands, each piece is a work of art to fall in love with.

I am Ingrid, the owner of Mii-Estilo. I’m married with the the sweetest husband in the whole world and we have 2 children together. We live in Monster, The Netherlands which is a small town near the coast and about 10km from the city center of The Hague. In my rare spare time i like to sport.

The Mii Estilo story

Customer Reviews

Tulle Scarf (5 meters) - Mii-Estilo.com
Sash - Mii-Estilo.com
Dedalera Flying Dress - Mii-Estilo.com
Brunette model poses outside with a mii-estilo dress made of silk. During this maternity photo session the model shows one of her legs through the split on the skirt. The dress features a low-v cut neckline and kaftan sleeves. The model holds her bump with both hands and looks to the side.

"Wow, just wow. I love the dresses i got from Mii-Estilo. And so do my customers 😍"


"Do I have several colours of this dress? YES. Do I love it? ALSO YES. Is this the all time favorite model among my customers? DEFINITELY!"


"All my clients want to have their photoshoot in this dress. It works in both studio and on location, but my preference is outside. This dress just belongs in nature since it's so flowy.


"If you buy just one Mii dress, it has to be a Convallaria. It drapes so beautifully. It looks stunning on either maternity or non-maternity ladies. Just buy it. You won't regret it."