Amanda's Boles Photoshoot Closet by Mii Estilo


"There is no way I was hiking up 755 feet (70 stories) & 2.5 miles to high dune and not taking an epic shot" - Amanda Boles

She is an adventurer. She is a traveler. She knows how to take breathtaking photos. Her sweet spirit and zest for life is contagious. I am talking about the lovely Amanda Boles. 

Amanda and her husband, David, are the ultimate traveling adventure couple. The majority of their travels have been across the us in their totally cool RV.


Amanda and David are living debt-free and are truly enjoying their best life. They have an amazing Insta account and travel blog (@therollinboles) which documents the many destinations they have visited. 

I love Amanda's sense of adventure *almost* as much as I love her personal style. She looks beautiful in everything, and can wear it all so well. She has a boho chic style, which is why Mii-Estilo come to life on her!

In one of her most recent travel blog entries she modeled Mii-Estilo fashion during this ethereal photoshoot. Amanda wore a bodysuit while taking an intense hike at Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve. 

When asked how she used this bodysuit and separate skirt to create the look for these photos, her response was uniquely her own. 

"It was so convenient to be able to wear the bodysuit during the very intense hike (755 ft / 70 stories / 2.5 miles through thick, hot sand) and then grab the really light weight and small skirt to just pop over the body suit for a quick easy wardrobe change. It caught the wind BEAUTIFULLY and was so fun to throw around in the air for the perfect motion shot." 



Amanda's Instagram post about their visit to Great Sand Dunes National Park, home of the highest sand dune in North America, gives some pro tips for anyone hoping to visit (and possible recreate this shoot). 

  • It is a strenuous hike to the top of high dune. Bring plenty of water
  • Be prepared for gusts of wind and sand in your face at the top (insert floppy hat over face)
  • The sand at this park contains black magnetite, making it highly metallic and very hot. Amanda says the sand can reach up to 150° F in the summer, so it may be best to take the hike at sunrise or sunset. 
  • There is a great RV park nearby @sanddunesrecreation which is a hot spring, a restaurant and an RV park in one.
  • For the best sunset photos, park on the side of the road about 1 1/2 miles before the park entrance. Don't forget your telescopic lens 📷🔭

Oh - and one last tip.... Mii-Estilo has the perfect dresses for windy photo shoots! 👗💨📸

Amanda is no stranger to Mii-Estilo fashion. This is not the first time a beloved Mii-Estilo collection item made it's way from Amanda's closet to her travel blog.

Give her a follow and let me know how many other Mii-Estilo collection items you recognize! Hint: Amanda looks AMAZING in a Colorado Springs sunset wearing black lace. 🖤👒

Follow Amanda and David's adventures on Instagram - @therollinboles