Teevi Zeemann's Photoshoot Closet by Mii Estilo


Teevi Zeemann Photoshoot - Mii Estilo Maternity Fashion


She is love. She is light. She takes magical, breathtaking photos. Her talent and passion flows from lens to screen. I am talking about the amazing Teevi Zeemann.

Teevi is a talented Estonia-based photographer with a specialty for capturing stunning photos of expecting mothers, using high-end maternity fashion. 


When I first saw Teevi's amazing photoshoots, I fell in love. There is a romantic way she uses light to conjure feelings and ethereal emotion. 

Teevi loves to use Mii-Estilo fashion in her gorgeous photoshoots. Her Facebook and Instagram pages are full of gorgeous Mii-Estilo dresses for maternity photoshoots. 

We asked Teevi to tell us what she loves the most about working with Mii-Estilo dresses and accessories for her photoshoots.  

"I absolutely love Mii-Estilo dresses, the feel and the quality is just divine! Anything from super-sexy to romantic and airy, there is a dress for every goddess out there. I have owned some of the dresses for years now, and there is minimum signs of wear to them, even used soooo many times.  My clients often say they feel like princesses and that really is the Mii-estilo-effect! :slightly_smiling_face: 

I love working with Teevi because I know that she is going to create masterpieces that inspire everyone who sees her work.

 I admire Teevi's creative style and the way she openly draws inspiration from collaborating with other artists and photographers. 

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