Estilo matters - and so does your background. - Mii-Estilo

Estilo matters - and so does your background.

We care about style. There is a reason why we have ESTILO in our brand name. 
Mii-Estilo is nonstop busy creating and reinventing styles specialized in photography, because style matter. 
But something that is incredible important and definitely matters are the backgrounds. Photography backgrounds come in so many styles and types that it can be outright confusing when you have to try to find that perfect match for your next shoot. There are several colors, shades, patterns and materials and it is absolutely impossible to try every backdrop available during a photoshoot. Developing a good instinct for the right background is a real life saver skill that every photographer should learn. And as for starters, the first rule is that there are no rules. One tip would maybe be important: try not let your backdrop overwhelm your model. For the rest you just need to use your creativity and feel free to try your own style while choosing your background - and do not forget to take into account the client’s desires.  
In this matter, I would love to give you my own insights about it. Not about the background itself, but the point of view of someone that creates several dresses with different fabrics in different colors. I must say that after a while you do get the grip of what matches with what. Whether doing a product shoot, making a family portrait or photographing a professional model, there’s no sense in limiting yourself to a few backdrops when so many excellent choices are available. Muslin, seamless paper and also digital backgrounds are available to suggest to your clients. 
black and white photo of a pregnant model posing in a studio against a white background. she has a chiffon scarf in off white covering her body partially.
The most commonly used background is definitely the white color. It is a basic color, easy to match with several dresses and fabrics. The combination of white background is beyond perfect with dresses in the following colors: Red, White, Black, Royal and Grey. Tight dresses in any of these mentioned colors will give you the wow effect - and so the tight dresses with a split on the skirt, the bodysuits and of course: the scarves. 
The white background with these tight models can be used to create stunning black and white photos. A better combination for this will be hard to find. 
What I most love about the white backgrounds is how conveniently the color can be changed by only rearranging the lights. How further from the background you place your light, a great grey background can be created. 
By placing 1 light against the background you will create a heavenly white background that will match (also heavenly) with a white dress, a white scarf. Use any of these tips and you will create the most angelical photo. 
Tons of photographers probably have a black background already hanging in their studio or a Thunder Grey, which is basically almost a black color, depending on how your light will fall. If you put your lamp a little closer to the background it will turn into dark grey. This is very handy since you can use the same background with multiple outfits and get a different result with the position of your lights. This background is perfect for a silhouette photo style.
With a dark background you can essentially use every outfit color - including a black one. Just notice that by using a black outfit or scarf you will need to make sure you have the right model for it. The dark background combined with a dark outfit will automatically make the photo look darker. It might get a bit harder if you customer has a dark hair or a dark skin.   
blond model poses in a dark studio wearing a petrol color silky dress. the dress is short and has a low v cut neckline.
Colors like Sand, Beige or Taupe are more difficult to see, but believe it or not, they match incredibly well with pastel hues of clothing. An off white, dusty pink, old pink, sand, gold or espresso outfits will give you an astounding outcome. And just like with the other backgrounds mentioned before, you can also play with the lights in order to create different hues such as a light sand or a darker espresso background. 
The most awe-inspiring style to match with these background’s colors are the romantic ones, like our Naya Dress. You will create extraordinary effects by combining them both. 
brunette model poses in a studio in front of a brown background. she is wearing a chiffon dress in off white.
Grey is an effortless color to be adjusted in photoshop or to be used for a digital background on it. Probably the best choice to use a digital background with. Outfits in Azur, Light Blue, Royal, Bordeaux, Redwood or Red will be perfect to match with this sort of background. These colors will not only match great, but they will also create a great styling at the same time. 
The dresses that create a butterfly effect will be impeccable with this background. 
Probably one of my favorite colors. Not only warm, it brings the idea of fine art to the spot. The tulle outfits will be ideal matched with this background color. My front-runners will definitely be the Gold (wow), Brown, Bordeaux, Green or Petrol (I love this one!).
 Brunette model poses sitting on chair against a dark brown background in a studio next to a green plant. she is wearing a taffeta dress in dark green color.
I hope my little tips will help you while browsing Mii-Estilo for the perfect outfit. 
If you are searching for some great digital backgrounds, don't forget to take a look at our Digital Goods session. You will find some great ones in there. 

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