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Fashion For Influencer Photography

We are inspired every time by the many works of art that pass by on social media regarding photography. As a specialized fashion for photography company, we love being a part of these beautiful works of art! In the many subjects of photography, we notice that the influencer market is growing bigger and bigger and that we are allowed to grow with it, is something we are very proud of!

We love to highlight our best sellers fashion for photography designs for you:


Mia Bodysuit Black

By far one of our best sellers for influencer photography! This amazing bodysuit is made of soft and stretchy jersey fabric which is very comfortable to wear. Her top is off shoulder with sleeves made of chiffon. Shine bright in our Mia Bodysuit Black!

Mia Bodysuit Black


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Livay Set Bordeaux

This glamorous set is a true addition to your closet and perfect for influencer photography! It is a two piece non-maternity set of a bodysuit and skirt. The bodysuit is made of jersey and has puffy chiffon sleeves. Her skirt has an amazing split and is made of chiffon. This set is perfect for both indoor as outdoor photography! The chiffon fabric where the skirt is made of is very light, soft and great to create waves with.


*click on the image above to shop your Livay Set Bordeaux


Silky Scarf (4 meter)

Our Silky scarves aren't only loved in maternity photography but also in influencer photography! Our Silky fabric is very soft with a little shimmer. You can use her to create beautiful waves, tie her into a selfmade dress or use her as an accessoires with your favorite Mii-Estilo dress. A beautiful 4 meter piece of fabric that can be used in many different, creative ways!


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**color shown in the image above is mustard


Cleome Dress Coolgrey

This romantic non-maternity dress can't be missed in our influencer fashion for photography highlights! Her top has a V-neckline and is made of 3D luxurious bridal lace. Her top is also made of jersey fabric which makes it stretchy. Her underskirt has many layers of soft tulle. 


*click on the image above to shop your Cleome Dress Coolgrey


Did you also knew that a lot of our dresses can be worn for both maternity as non-maternity? If you doubt about any dress if it can be worn for both please don't hesitate to contact us!


We love to see you grow in photography and love to grow with you. Let's grow the influencer market more big and beautiful. ♥

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Lots of love,

Team Mii-Estilo.

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