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Meet Our Amazing Newest Cape Designs

Our scarfs are very popular because of their great fabric and versatility and as you may already know, we at Mii-Estilo like to innovate, design new creative things and fulfill your most beautiful photography clothing wishes. So we couldn't wait to introduce our newest capes to you. Meet our Amina and Bella capes! 


Amina Cape for Photoshoots (Silky)

Our Amina Cape is made of our famous silky fabric. The fabric is very soft with a little shimmer and also very lightweighted. This makes it very easy to create beautiful flowing effects with it. You can therefore throw the fabric in the air, let a windmachine flow through the fabric or dance with it! Besides the flowing effect you can create with it, you can also variate the cape in many other different ways such as making her into a dress with a strap or use her as scarf. We would highly recommend our Amina Cape for studio photography! 

We love to show you some photos where she is used in different ways:

Our Amina Cape is available in many different colors! The colors as you see in the pictures are from left to right: Dusty Pink Amina Cape, Cognac Amina Cape and Cherry Amina Cape
Shop your Amina Cape over here.
Bella Cape for Photoshoots (Chiffon)
Our Bella cape is made of our beautiful chiffon fabric. This fabric is very lightweight and is known for its wavy effect. Because it is light and translucent, the silhouette is beautifully highlighted. You can also use this cape in many different, creative ways. Make her into a dress, use her as a scarf or dance in it and let the movements do their work!  The hole for the head is wide, the cape is therefore one size and also wearable with one shoulder off. 
We like to inspire you with some pictures to see how varied you can use her:
Our Bella Cape is available in many different colors! The colors as you see in the pictures are from left to right: Petrol Bella CapeDusty Pink Bella Cape and Black Bella Cape
Shop your Bella Cape over here.
Because we love to spoil you, we have our Bella Cape Off White as give away this week! All orders of €200 or more will receive a free Bella Cape Off White with their order.*
*automatically added to your cart at the minimum amount spent
We can't wait to send your capes and see what beautiful works of art you will create with them!
Lots of love,
Team Mii-Estilo ♥

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