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Top 7 Best Selling Photoshoot Outfits

Best Sellers for Fashion Photography

We appreciate that every photographer has their own creative style and favorite colors.

Even though this is true, there are just some pieces that catch the eye of almost every photographer. These are a must-have for your closet. 

Based on your most ordered items in your favorite colors, we have grouped these popular favorites into a collection all their own. 

Perfect for any photoshoot, these styles are the coveted Mii-Estilo best selling styles in fashion photography collection.


Just like you, they are too unique and beautiful not to share!  Since we know you love easy shopping, we have made it easy to find these favorite items in one click. 

We are happy to share the seven most-purchased photoshoot styles from our Best Sellers Collection:


Convallaria Dress Sand

Our Convallaria Dress is a BOHO style dress made of silky fabric with a full circle skirt and dramatic split. This dress is stunning in all photoshoots, including maternity and portrait photography. 


click on the image above to shop your Convallaria Dress Sand 


Erika Bodysuit Black

Our Erika Bodysuit is a popular must have for your photoshoot! The bodysuit has long sleeves and elastic under the breast to show off your body shape. This bodysuit is very stretchy which makes it comfortable to wear. The bodysuit is a step-in style for convenient on and off, and the turtleneck closes with Velcro making it easy to adjust.  



click on the image above to shop your Erika Bodysuit Black


BOHO Turino Dress

This BOHO Off White dress is made of beautifully delicate lace. The top has a V neckline and wide sleeves, both finished with broderie lace. The skirt has a split on both sides which makes it easy for movement and different looks. The dress is transparent and is often purchased together with our Daylily Bodysuit. Our BOHO Turino is one size so you can use it for both maternity as non-maternity.


click on the image above to shop your BOHO Turino


Chicory Dress Sand

You can never go wrong with combining lace with more lace! The top of our Chicory Dress is the perfect example of it. We even put a bandeau underneath the top to finish it perfectly. Her skirt is made of jersey and has a split that will amaze you every time. A true must-have for your photoshoot. 


click on the image above to shop your Chicory Dress Sand


Gaillardia Dress Light Blue

This dress has an infinity top which allows you to create various options for styling this top. The dress has a lot of fabric! It has 6 pieces that are sewn together and all have points so you can create amazing throw effects. The dress is transparent and one size which makes it wearable for both maternity as non-maternity.


click on the image above to shop your Gaillardia Dress Light Blue 


Silky Scarf Cognac

Our Silky fabric is very soft and has a little shimmer that plays with light beautifully. You can use her to create dramatic waves, tie her into a self-made dress, or use her as an accessory to your favorite Mii-Estilo dress. She is beautiful 4 meter scarf that can be used in many different, creative ways!


click on the image above to shop your Silky Scarf Cognac


Pampas Dress Old Pink

Our stunning Pampas Dress has a top that's on-shoulder and has circle sleeves finished with faux fur. The dress is tight, made of jersey which overflows about halfway down into a tulle skirt.  The skirt has an underdress made of chiffon, so the dress is not see-through. Stylish and scroll-stopping, she would be a true addition to your closet!


click on the image above to shop your Pampas Dress Old Pink


We have so many more amazing Best-Selling photoshoot outfits! Check out our Best Sellers Collection to shop them all. ♥

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Lots of love,

Team Mii-Estilo. 

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