New website and new life for Mii-Estilo! Since you guys are the ones that makes our work so noticeable we decided that nothing was more important for us to start giving you more credit for that. We will enable a special discount of 10% for the photographers who fit in all the qualifying items below:


- Since this discount is ONLY FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS, I will need you to add your photography name (company name, website ).


- All the clients, from the photos we receive from you, must have signed an agreement contract where they know that their photos will be used. If we have any future problems due this matter your discount can be no longer used.


- Images with the bought dresses have to be provided to us with your watermark (that’s incredibly important for us and for you to have your work recognised!). If you want to use the discount you are agreeing to provide the photos and that the photos will be used by us to promote our dresses. The photos can be sent to


- We would like you to credit us in every photo our items are used. At the current moment you can find us on facebook ( and instagram (#miiestilo), and we would like the credit in both medias. If you qualify to those requests you can already start using your 10% discount with the code: discphoto


We are pleased to have you on board and we wish we can keep up with this incredible partnership. Look forward to seeing gorgeous photos from you!