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5 Ways to blow your mind with draping fabrics for photographers

Draping fabrics for photoshoots

Truth to be told… our scarfs are a totally must have in any photographer’s wardrobe.

For starters: they are very easy to be tied up - so you don’t have to worry about the space in the closet. Even though you have meters and meters of some incredible fabric, you won't need to make a lot of room for it. 

Wardrobe space is one of the biggest problems from every normal person that I know - but this issue you won’t have with the scarfs. 

And since I am being completely honest, you will for sure fall in love with these items. They flow easily with a wind blow and fall graciously for your photo. I am a sucker for them and I'm sure you will be one too. 

Today I will show you 5 incredible scarfs and let you know how you can use them to have the best possible result during your photoshoot. 

The Cognac Silky Scarf

This one is without any doubt one of the photographer’s sweethearts. The fabric is shinny, soft and flowy. When draped to the body curves it will give you an amazing and playful light response. 

If you tap in the photo below you will be redirected to our instragram account and be able to see one great way to style the beautiful silky scarf in a model. 

Check on the website for this color or just go nuts and purchase a bundle set. You won’t regret it. 

Shop the Cognac Silky Scarf or

save and shop the bundle.


The Sand Taffeta Scarf

The must have for an extra allure in your photoshoot!

Our new taffeta fabric is a lot into 1. Shiny and a bit solid (in a good way). 

The hardness from the fabric can be enjoyed in styling ways. You will see that this fabric will allow you to play with it, like building up puffy details where you desire. 

The photo below will redirect you to a video where you can see a great way to style this new scarf model in a way to create great puffy details for your final art piece. 

Shop the Sand Tafeta Scarf. 

The Slategrey Silky Scarf

And here is another incredible way of how you can style a model with our silky scarf.

Tap the photo below so you can learn how to turn the scarf into a very splendid self made dress. 

The 4 meter shiny silk fabric is more than enough to give you plenty of creativity. 

The scarf can be extra stylized with accessories - just like the magnificent neckless that you can see in the video - and that you can purchase at the website (together with your next scarf!).

Shop the Slategrey Silky Scarf. 

The Dusty Pink Tulle Scarf 

I couldn’t forget to take about the Tulle Scarves. I don’t know about you, but it always reminds me about the clouds…

The Tulle fabric will definitely deliver the alluring charm you are looking for. You will receive 5 meters of a very light and durable material.

The ways to use the item are endless. You can cover arms or other parts of the model’s body - or you can lay it on the ground that that astonishing cloud effect. 

Yes, it is a dream - and you should definitely get yours. 


Shop the Dusty Pink Tulle Scarf.

The Espresso Chiffon Scarf

Last but not least: our chiffon scarf - one of the most adored items from our customers. Just like the other draping items, the chiffon scarf has a light texture and it’s a bit transparent. Soft and elastic - and very, very elegant! One thing is for sure: you will surely need one (or a few) of these.

The final result of your photoshoot will be certainly mind-blowing. 

You can create breathtaking photographs with them. They can be beautifully thrown and used as a wrap as well. Doesn’t matter how, it will be beautiful in the end! 


Shop the Espresso Chiffon Scarf.

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