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Fashion for Boudoir Photography

The photography world is changing and growing every day and Mii-Estilo loves to grow with it! One of the biggest photography style growing right now is: Boudoir Photography.



Rosamel Dress

Every woman deserves to feel like a princess and our Rosamel Dress will for sure give you that feeling. If you want to add a little extra glam to your Boudoir Photoshoots our Rosamel Dress is the perfect dress! 

This stunning dress is made of luxurious bridal lace, chiffon and tulle. Her top is a bustier with high quality bridal lace on top. Attached to the top is a chiffon skirt with a tulle train. The skirt of the dress is a little see through. The bustier has a bra-seal in the back that is adjustable. 

Another reason why you should add her to your photography wardrobe: she can be worn for both non-maternity as maternity!

Rosamel Dress in Sand


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Madeline Bodysuit

Our Madeline Bodysuit is amazing for your Boudoir Photoshoots! You can use her for many different settings. She is classic, elegant and timeless and therefore a true must have for your photography wardrobe. 

The top of this bodysuit has beautiful lace details. Her elegant sleeves are made of tulle and also has small lace details on it. The bottom of the bodysuit is made of stretchy jersey fabric. Perfect for Boudoir and Portrait! 

Madeline Bodysuit in Black for Boudoir Photoshoots


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Nikki Dress

Our Nikki Dress is the perfect combination of sexy and elegance. The sheer fabric makes is sexy and the white pearls gives her elegance. A true match for your Boudoir Photoshoots!

Our Nikki Dress is made of mesh fabric with white pearls attached to it. The dress is short and see through. She can be worn for not only non-maternity but also for maternity!

Nikki Dress for Boudoir Photoshoots


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Silky Scarfs

Draping fabrics can't be missing for your Boudoir Photoshoots! We have many scarfs in our collection in different fabrics but the most populair ones are our Silky Scarfs. Their little shimmer gives you that extra sparkle during your photoshoots.

Our Silky fabric is very soft with a little shimmer. You can use her to create beautiful waves, tie her into a selfmade dress, use her as an accessories or drape it around your model. Get creative during your Boudoir Photoshoots with our Silky Scarfs!

 Silky Scarfs for Boudoir Photoshoots

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We have so much more stunning pieces for your Boudoir Photoshoots! Therefore we have created a special collection for you. A clear overview with all our Fashion for Boudoir to help you shop! 
I can't wait to see the breath taking captures you'll create with our Fashion for Boudoir. ♥
Lots of Love,

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