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5 Black Friday Sales Events to Ignite a Magical Holiday Season

Black Friday is approaching and will be followed by what I hope to be a magical holiday season. I couldn't possibly be more excited! 

This year brought many unexpected events and the most extraordinary circumstances for many. This is just another reason why I am very grateful and proud of how Mii-Estilo has grown. 

This year has been transformative for me and that is thanks in abundance to you!

I feel that we can all use cheerful and uplifting news this holiday season. I want to show my love and appreciation to you for making this a magical year for Mii-Estilo.

I've put together special holiday sales just for my Mii-Estilo family! I hope that together we will make it an unforgettable Black Friday and Holiday Season. ♥

Let’s unwrap our gifts a little early with these early Black Friday sales events:


November 13, 2020 - 30%  &  20% SALE!

We kick-start the Black Friday sale with an alluring discount on in-stock dresses as well as custom dresses!

  • 30% discount on in-stock and ready-to-ship items
  • 20% discount on custom and made-to-order items

For fast holiday orders you can shop your most-beloved and favorite dresses from the in-stock items. These items ship in 1-3 business days which allows them to be delivered quickly! At 30% off, you can shop for all of the dresses you absolutely adore. 

Is your favorite dress not among the stock items? No worries! We have a wonderful collection of custom dresses. Mii-Estilo custom dresses are some of the most-admired dresses. With a 20% off discount, custom dresses are a great choice for that joyful holiday occasion and maternity photoshoot. Custom dresses ship in 1-3 weeks so there is still time to unwrap them for the holidays. 

Let’s peek at some of our recent best sellers that are part of the Mii-Estilo sale event!


Blazing Star Maternity Dress Custom

If it sounds too good to be true, I promise at Mii-Estilo it isn’t! The Limited-Edition Sparkle Collection will also be on sale! You will be dazzled by our latest collection!

Before the blink of an eye, the Blazing Star Maternity Dress has become a popular best seller. She absolutely glows. Her reflective sparkle and form-fitting cut just take our breath away. She is THE Golden Dress.



Tap the image above to shop your Blazing Star Maternity Dress Custom



Canterbury Maternity Dress Dusty Pink

She is at it again and of course, we can't miss her! This one just can’t stay out of the spotlight. It is obvious why because she is gorgeous!

The Canterbury Dress has been a long-time favorite, but when she became available in Dusty Pink we could hardly keep her in stock. She is made of unique lace and is perfect for a sunny summer evening or a stunning any-time studio photoshoot.



Tap the image above to shop your Canterbury Dress Dusty Pink



November 27, 2020 - Give Away with €250+ order!

Silky Scarf Light Pink

Give the gift of pure indulgence with the ever-popular Silky Scarf! The Silky Scarf has become an absolute favorite. Her shiny fabric provides the wow-factor during your maternity photoshoot.

You may remember her from our recent sales and giveaways. She was so popular we wanted you to have another chance to have her. You’re welcome. ♥ 

 The color Light Pink can be combined with all your favorite Mii-Estilo dresses. That's why we are happy to provide this addition to your collection. Order above €250 to get yours!






Tap the image above to shop your Silky Scarf Light Pink



November 28, 2020 - Give Away with €250+ order!

 Tulle Scarf Bordeaux

I will never fall out of love with the Tulle Scarf. She is as soft as she is strong. She embodies two of the most admirable traits, which is why she pairs so perfectly with everyone. 

She is 5 meters long so you can use her in many ways. Combine her with your favorite dress or create a unique look by tying the scarf in your own way.

We are adding her to your order of €250+ in the color Bordeaux, which we find perfect for the holidays! 



Tap the image above to shop your Tulle Scarf Bordeaux



November 29, 2020 - Give Away with €250+ order!

Matching Newborn Wrap

We find it heartwarming and special when you match with your little miracle during a photoshoot.

The Newborn Wrap is available in the same fabric colors as the items in our collection, making it possible to match Mommy while making our hearts melt with every photo. 

Choose your favorite dress and get a Newborn Wrap in the same color as the Mommy dress with all orders above €250!



Tap the image above to shop your Newborn Wrap



November 30, 2020 - CYBER MONDAY CRAZINESS!

Discounts up to 70% on all in-stock and ready-to-ship dresses! 

These scroll-stopping styles are not only available at the best prices of the season, but they are ready to unwrap in 1-3 business days. Do we love you or what?! 



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