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5 Hand-Picked Mii-Estilo Bundles To Save You Time And Creative Energy

I will attest to the wide (and sometimes mind-boggling) variety of stunning items on the Mii-Estilo website. I understand that the array of beautiful dresses for photoshoots and accessories can make selecting your next Mii-Estilo wardrobe piece a gorgeous labor of love.

If you and I are alike, you usually welcome the opportunity to put forth a little extra effort. But…. decisions, decisions.

As a photographer, you instinctively want to offer a diverse collection of accessories for photoshoots and visual treasures to manifest creative versatility. 

You are an artist and your time is valuable. As much as you love to browse the beautiful collections on the Mii-Estilo website, you also love to save yourself time! 

I create beautiful things with love and passion. What if I told you I have arranged my most-beloved pieces together into luxurious bundles created with your next photoshoot in mind?

These bundles will grant you the ability to expand your wardrobe with one energy-saving and effortless click. 


1. Bundle Silky - Color

The Silky Scarves for photoshoots are among my favorites. The soft and supple fabric is amazing. The shiny silk, when draped over the curves of the body, responds playfully to light. 

These sensational scarves, available in a variety of colors, have become an indispensable accessory in maternity photography. 

The Cognac, Petrol and Cherry colors are some of the most-favored hues.

Naturally I wanted to bundle these for you!


2. Bundle Spirea Dress - Khaki and Old Pink

The Spirea maternity dress is an absolute best-seller! She is made of beautiful lace and matching color jersey underneath.

She has a sweetheart top with long sleeves and finishes with a mermaid skirt at the bottom.

The Spirea dress is one of the first designs introduced to the website and has since become a fundamental staple of Mii-Estilo maternity fashion. 

She is most loved in Khaki and Old Pink. So I bundled them for you.


3. Bundle Chiffon - Pastel

The highly-adored Chiffon scarves are photo shoot favorites. 

You can create breathtaking photographs with them. These lightweight and airy scarves throw beautifully. The Chiffon scarf also looks stunning as a wrap. 

The delicate pastel chiffon scarf bundle includes Dusty Pink, Off White and Sand colors that can be used for every session. 

This perfect color combination has been bundled especially for you. 


Tap the image above to shop the Bundle Chiffon - Pastel


4. Bundle: 3 Looks, Body, Top and Scarf

This is one of our newest bundles made with cherished photographer favorites 

This fashionable bundle contains the Mirabellis Bodysuit in White, the Ixoria Top in Black and the Chiffon Scarf in Azur. A stylishly versatile combination for your maternity photo shoots!

This bundle was hand-picked to include items that complement additional Mii-Estilo dresses and accessories. The carefully-crafted color combination of this bundle allows you to style all items in your favorite way. 


Tap the image above to shop the 3 Look Bundle


5. Bundle Tulle - Pastel

You didn't think I'd overlook the Tulle Bundle, did you?! 

The three soft pastel colors of Light Blue, Off White and Dusty Pink are the combination you need in your Mii-Estilo collection!

Captivating and ethereal, the Bundle Tulle - Pastel will deliver the alluring charm you desire to bring to your maternity photographs.




Tap the image above to shop the Bundle Tulle - Pastel


I’ve crafted additional bundles and put them on the Mii-Estilo website. I think they are worth a scroll. Go ahead, take a peek. 


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