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7 Perfect Gowns For a Plus Size Maternity Photoshoot

Love your body - We all hear that very often, don’t you agree? But how do we love our bodies when most of everything we see posted or shared on the internet are photos of nearly-goddesses? I honestly get you, but I also honestly have to disagree with you - because this is how gorgeous you are, regardless if you fit in a XS dress or in a XXXL. You are beautiful. Repeat with me: beautiful!

Love yourself, accept your body and feel what you really are: beautiful!

I understand that all of our customers probably endure the same challenges with plus size clients, because they don’t feel confident enough with their body to treasure the special moment and occasion that a maternity photography session can be.

Here is the most important thing I can say to you all and that you can repeat to your clients: when you wake up and stand in front of the mirror in the morning,  with all the unforgiving bathroom lights that keep showing every little point in our bodies that makes us not so happy, you are not at your best! But at a photoshoot, with the right lighting and specially with the right clothes (and here I come to help you!) you will definitely give that special person the better self-image than the mirror has been giving them. More than offering your incredible services to this model, you will provide a boost of self-confidence and a whole new way of loving themselves. 


Here I handpicked the 7 best Mii-Estilo dresses for the photoshoot with our precious and gorgeous plus size models you might encounter.


1- The Senna Dress - With this special design your models will surely embrace their every beautiful curves. The Senna Maternity Dress is the perfect choice - tight and stretchy at the same time. Stretchy enough to fit several sizes and beautifully fitted to show all beautiful feminine curves. The special detail in this gown are the sleeves designed as a cape. The chiffon sleeves are perfect to toss, throw or even cover a bit of arms if necessary. The top can be wore on or off the shoulders. This dress is an absolute delight!

plus size brunette model poses in a studio wearing a long plus size maternity dress in sand color. she holds her bump with one hand and the other hand and arm are covered by the flattering chiffon sleeves from the gown. the sleeves are long and sewed as a cape. the model looks straight to the camera and her dress is in sand color.


Shop the Senna Maternity Dress in Sand!


2- The Sage Dress - Just like the dress mentioned above, the Sage Maternity Dress also has the versatile detail from the Senna Dress. The top that can be seen as a cape as well. For those models who wants a bit of arm coverage, this can be the perfect choice. It has definitely everything you can possibly search: an extra long skirt, gorgeous off the shoulder top and an incredible high quality. It is flattering and extremely comfortable. 

Red haired pregnant model poses in a studio during a maternity photoshoot. She wears an off white tight dress with a cape attached on the top. The cape is short in the front and very long at the back and made of chiffon. The model looks to the side with the eyes partially open and holds a piece of the chiffon cape/train. Her other hand rests in her bump and the look is completed with a big pair of silver earrings.


3- The Gaillardia Dress - Empire waist maternity gown features the versatile Infiniti top allowing you to create several models while wearing only one dress. The special detail on this Gaillardia Maternity Dress are the 6 different chiffon pieces that are sewn together finalizing in to a show stopping chiffon train for tossing, throwing and creating incredible effects during the photo shoot. 

Gaillardia Maternity Dress for Photoshoots Plus Size


4- The Amina Cape - This simple, comfortable and versatile cape is the definition of less is more. With a simple item you can cover what you want to cover and give your photoshoot the whole dramatic look you are searching. This Amina Cape can create incredible flow effects due the lightness from sizable amount of silk fabric used and great light effects as well due the shimmery fabric.

Amina Cape in Cognac for Photoshoots Plus Size


5- The Clementine Dress - Did you ask what is the best part of the Clementine Dress (besides being gorgeous, of course)? This dress is a convertible dress - this means that you can use this breath taking design in many different ways giving it a different look each time, all thanks to our Infiniti top. Your clients will look absolutely stunning in their maternity photos with the alluring silky Clementine Dress. 

Brunette plus size pregnant model poses in a studio with a dark background wearing a silky cognac coloured dress. the dress has a low v cut neckline and covers a bit of her arm. the model is holding her bump with both hands.


6- The Convallaria Dress - Sexy, sleek and available in several colors (even a limited edition with patterns). From the low-v cut neckline to the elegance draped kaftan style sleeves - this beautiful design gives you plenty of room to play with props and accessories. 

Convallaria Dress in Sand for Photoshoots Plus Size


7- The Boho Florence Dress

This popular long sleeved on the shoulder dress is made in a few earth-tones. Women love this dress for its comfort and durability. 

The Boho Florence has an elegant design made with our Brocante lace fabric. This empire waist design has an elastic between top and the full circle long skirt that makes this model extremely easy to fit beautifully in all sizes. The top features elegantly draped kaftan style sleeves and a low-v cut neckline. This gorgeous model it’s accommodating in all the right ways! 


This pregnant model is wearing a long dress. The dress has a Boho style and is perfect for all your photoshoots. The dress is made from a stretchy material and has flowy sleeves.


BONUS ITEM: the Mii-Estilo scarfs

Definitely one of our most resourceful items couldn’t be out of our handpicked list, right? The Mii-Estilo scarf is our bonus item that can be matched and wore everywhere. This item can be wore alone at your next plus size photoshoot or combined with tight dresses. This is the definition of must have - available in several colors and fabrics.

The model is wearing a scarf around her body. The silky material adds a luxery look. The model is pregnant and has long blonde hair. She is covered with the long piece of fabric


Shop the Silky Scarfs!


I hope that with these 7 incredible dresses (and bonus item) you could be inspired to splurge on a fancy dress to present to your next plus sizer models to provide them the photoshoot of their dream! 

Lot of love,


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