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5 Stunning Handmade Maternity Dresses for Photoshoots That Will Make You Swoon

When you fantasize about buying a beautiful maternity dress for photoshoots, my hope is that you immediately think of Mii-Estilo.

Mii-Estilo has become such a celebrated name in the photography world that you can't (and why would you want to?) envision her without it.

The exquisite Mii-Estilo collection of maternity dresses for photo shoots is regularly reborn, so you'll always  be up-to-date with the latest and most magnetic trends in elegant maternity fashion.

As a photographer, I often experience last-minute photo shoot requests. 

For such requests, I find the gorgeous ready-to-ship and in-stock collection of maternity dresses from Mii-Estilo a great option. 

In-Stock dresses ship within 1-3 business days, allowing me flexibility in scheduling rush shoots without the potential quality sacrifice. 

I would love to share with you some of my favorite in-stock maternity dresses from Mii-Estilo for your next enchanting photoshoot!


1. Canterbury Maternity Dress

The flowy Dusty Pink lace, subtle train and draping sleeve creates a dreamy look both on and off camera.

The Canterbury Maternity Dress in Dusty Pink is a best-seller.

It is so feminine and beautiful, a true lens-grabber!

mii-estilo.com Photo: Teevi Zeemann Photography

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 2. Dahlia Maternity Dress



The contours, the stark contrast between the subject and the background - the simple silhouette is a beautiful idea to include in your maternity fashion style as they really highlight the stunning shape of the pregnant woman.

pregnant model poses on her side showing her silhouette - she is wearing a long black dress with long sleeves and a turtleneck.




3. Spirea Maternity Dress

The Spirea maternity dress radiates goddess-like charm.

I love the intricate lace detail and the luxurious full train. 

This dress is a scroll-stopper in Off White but is available in Khaki and Old Pink for a pop of colorful elegance.

mii-estilo.com Photo: By Boserup Fotograf

Tap on the image to shop the Spirea Maternity Dress!


    Esther Geuns on May 27, 2019

“This was my first dress I've bought (color azur) and I still love it as do my clients. The dress is the one that is chosen the most during my maternity sessions.”




4. Silky Scarf

In one word: amazing! The fabric is soft and supple. 

The Silky Scarf shines beautifully in both natural and studio light. 

I love that a very unique look can be created with something very simple. 

My favorite color for the Silky Scarf is Sand.

The rich, natural tone suits nearly everyone.

mii-estilo.com  Photo: Photography By Natasha Ince

Tap the image above to shop the Silky Scarf and the many available color options. 


This piece is adaptable and multi-faceted.


Photographers get very creative using the Silky Scarf by turning it into a wrap, a shrug, and even a dress!

I get excited to see the many ways this versatile scarf inspires.


Jessica Kate Photographe on Jun 18, 2019

“Amazing quality silk, I wish I could own it in every colour! 

It flows beautiful and is perfect for throwing. I highly recommend it.”




5. Senna Maternity Dress

I find The Senna maternity dress mesmerizing in every way! 

It is one of the most enduring items in the collection at Mii-Estilo and still one of my favorites.

The sweeping train gives an added touch of wonderment to photographs. I love to see images of this beautiful train full of motion in the wind. 

It is equally beautiful draped and standing still. 

mii-estilo.com Photo: Erin Elizabeth Photography

Tap the image to shop the Senna Maternity Dress in Sand

My favorite color for the Senna Dress is Sand.

This is a natural color that is beautiful for outdoor photoshoots as well as indoor photoshoots for all seasons! 

 The Senna maternity dress is also show-stopping in Magenta!

Mii-estilo.com Photo: Marina Strachan

Tap on the picture to shop the Senna Dress in Magenta!


Browse the full Mii-Estilo collection of in-stock and ready-to-ship maternity dresses for photoshoots.

 Shop All Maternity Dresses

I hope you love these featured favorites as much as I do! ♥


Founder and dress designer, Ingrid


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